FOUNDED IN JANUARY 2018, Independent People was born in Iceland from the heads of passionate individuals who wanted to do something with their ideals and experience about travelling in Iceland. Made of resourceful people, the organisation started with the desire to promote and work with a particular but most certainly marvelous way to enjoy Iceland and nature, freshwater fishing.

WE CAN OPERATE in the all island. Our packages include services such as guiding and assistance, transport, fishing licences, fishing material, food, cooking, photography and accommodation. We do offer tailored made solutions as well. 

OUR AMBITION is to develop our structure and continue to create special excursions by combining different activities with fishing. We are also developing an accommodation offer to host our guests in exceptional environment.


Iceland has been known for years as one of the top 5 world destination for freshwater fishing. The exceptional preservation of the Island and top quality water has constantly provided perfect habitat for Salmonidae species. On top of the many lakes and streams suitable for trout and arctic char (sea run and landlocked) the island holds around one hundred self-sustaining salmon rivers. About twenty of them are considered to be first class rivers. 

We are convinced that the activity is not solely dedicated to the connoisseur and anyone interested in nature will probably find angling to be a great and immersive experience.
In Iceland, 95% of angling happens in exclusive and preserved areas. Gin clear water, quiet lakes in verdant valleys, highlands moors, ponds and waterfalls. Watery places in which you will wade, scrutinize fish, observe insects hatching and wonder about the birds flying away from you. All of that in extraordinary environments, far from the affluence and the busyness of mass tourism. 

Sure, it is not always that pleasant. The weather can be tricky. Low temperatures and wind induce ice cold water which encourages fish to lay deeper, in more quiet and warm waters. But these are not most of the days and ultimately, the deal is still the same: fishing is just a way to probe unknown dimensions, an occasion to read and cross the landscape with a special purpose, take a break.
We hope you feel our excitement writing those lines, not for their (and probably inexistant) literature, but for the real experiences that we would like to share with you. So, aren't you looking for something authentic?

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